Kevin Vecchio


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Guitarist/Song Writer out of Denver, CO.

I was born in LA, traveled to Las Vegas for 6 years and

now I play in 2 bands out of Denver, DAYDREAM and Dead For Denver,

I also have a solo project called Machine Dreams. I give guitar lessons and

music production lessons. Check out my instagram at - k_vecc Snapchat -

kvecchio91 and

For lessons or other inquiring please email [email protected]

My Rig -


PRS Custom 24 with Bareknuckle Aftermaths

Ibanez Iron Label 8 String with EMG 808's

Legator Ninja 8 string with factory pickups

Fender Acoustic

Fender Telecaster Jim Root with EMG's


Peavy 6505 head

Orange 4x12 Cab

Line6 Pod HD pro X rack


TC Hall Of Fame reverb

Memory Boy Deluxe delay

Maxon 808 Overdrive

TC Tuner

TC Noise Gate

Line 6 footswitch