I Love You Price: Free



A traditional love song with words to express my

feelings for my lovely wife.


It isn’t a secret

I look at you and feel good,

because you’re so easy darlin’

Every single day I would,

give you a ring and be your king

I love you sweet p

Romance and destiny, a funny date?

Amazing girl, I won’t be late

Love unconditional, silly sights,

jealous dreams, lets play tonight

I love you bunny

I touch your body and feel heaven,

because you’re so sexy and true

Every single day, tell me again,

those loving words, that make me feel new

I love you devil-kins

Feelings of ecstasy, you are mine,

your Mr. Right for all time

Head to toes, touched alive,

special one, you’re my wife

I love you hug-a-bunch

I touch you alone and feel bliss,

because you’re so sexy, my drug

Every single day we should kiss,

give you a hug and play Dig-Dug

I love you pleasure-sponge

Everywhere our happiness shall not wait,

pretty woman, time to mate

Live again, souls are pure,

from mountain to seas, I am sure

I love you