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  • Lesson Five: Delbert Bump-Composing & Developing Improvisations

Lesson Five: Delbert Bump-Composing & Developing Improvisations Price: $2.99

  • Genre: Jazz
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Instrument: Piano


Lesson Five: Using one note as a riff or two notes in a repetitive pattern is fundamental. One statement will require an answer of some sort. Remember you are making it up as you go. You will be in two places at once. You will be in the moment of your first idea, and the answer will be right around the corner in the future. As you begin to develop these concepts, you will find the need to repeat certain ideas which will produce stability and, at the same time, allow yourself to explore the answers that your brain will bring forth. You will be experiencing the miracle of human creativity at this point. Enjoy each moment and learn through this process to develop your own ideas and style. Go slow, and allow time for things to develop. You are creating your own vocabulary. Have fun!